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I’m in a hurry to settle accounts with my purchases

I didn’t make it in time to the bank. What should I do?

We are next to you at times that all others are closed! The Western Union service centers work daily with an expanded hour schedule, Saturdays and Sundays, covering in the maximum value your needs for instant fund transfer in Greece and abroad.

Business without borders

Take advantage of the extensive branch network of Western Union with more than 550.000 points of service in 200 countries to fulfill your economic transactions. Any country may your collaborators need money, with the online money transfer service, they now are just a few clicks away.

Instant payments, even outside Europe, in privileged prices compared to the banks

Trust Western Union for your financial transactions even in Asia or countries outside the European Union. With the online service now you have the option to transfer funds within few minutes from your PC or office. Connect online and send instant cast with just €5 to Europe (SEPA countries) and €7 to the rest of the world, for any amount!

I am seeking new business opportunities

Add the new Paylink - Western Union services in your business and benefit from the privileged cooperation. Utilize at maximum the present human resource of your business, expand your clientele and increase the income of your business!