Outgoing remittances up to €500 per person per calendar month are available again
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Outgoing remittances are now available up to €4.000 per person bimonthly

Dear Customers,


The new limits imposed by the Authorities on our services are as follows:


1) Outgoing remittances from Greece to all countries of the world, up to €4.000 per sender bimonthly.


2) Incoming transfers from any country in the world to Greece, up to €10.000 per recipient per calendar month.


3) Domestic remittances from anywhere in Greece to anywhere in Greece, up to €10.000 per transaction.


Follow our updates here or on our page on Facebook (Paylink - Western Union), for any new developments. For any questions you can contact our call center at 2109005000 or 800 100 2020 (toll free from a landline).


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,
Paylink – Western Union


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